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Tenant Representation

Expanding or contracting staff numbers can be a stressful time, so many aspects of a business are impacted, not least the physical space you occupy. At TWM we understand that hiring and retaining the right staff is key to the success of any business and the built environment has a very significant impact in this regard.  Younger staff particularly will often make career decisions based on these fundamentals ahead of other rewards. When the decision is made to relocate it is crucial to have the right team in place from the start, we are adept at helping occupiers to pull together the right team and co-ordinating all requirements with each professional.  We pride ourselves in the service we can offer and the experience we can bring to these teams.

At TWM we have the specialist knowledge and experience to guide you through the every process, whether that is considering an assignment or sub-letting of your existing lease or acquiring new offices for a strategic move or to provide additional growth space for your business. Whether you have a specific requirement or simply want to chat and ask some advice, we are happy to hear from you.


Landlords have choice in the Dublin market when it comes to who will represent them and sometimes these decisions are made based on positive previous experience or personal relationships. TWM are very happy to work alongside our colleagues in other Office Agency teams and we bring an approach centred on maximising the value of your asset based on your particular investment strategy and requirements for return and exit.

Our senior and experienced investment team who have carried out many key transactions in the UK and Irish markets over more than 30 years allow us to better understand buyer requirements and market fundamentals. We believe this investment led approach is key to advising clients on specific lease terms which can sometimes risk becoming the small print in the overall process.


Patricia Ward
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